Pure Bliss at SoDo Park

Our cello duo had the honor of playing for the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour for the marriage of Sarah and Dan.  It was a lovely fall day in downtown at SoDo Park in Seattle on October 20.  Thoughtfully, they chose detailed elements from the program graphics to the musical selections, the Herban Feast catering all the way to the tango dance number they performed together at the reception.  Below is my "review" of this most memorable wedding of 2012.   The photography is by the marvelous Barbie Hull of Barbie Hull Photography. There were so many fabulous photos it was tough to select a few for this page!

Barbie's approach to documenting the day is easy going & laid back, she captures real people in real moments and is quick with a kind word - encouraging couples to laugh, be silly & enjoy themselves. After-all laughter is the key to amazing photographs… and everything else!

Her photography speaks for itself.

A Review for our duo From the BRIDE, Sarah:

Susan and Nicole provided the harp/cello music for the ceremony and cocktail hour. Susan was amazing to work with....extremely flexible, communicative - and wow, what a talented musician. Susan helped to create a custom and memorable set of music which matched perfectly to the feeling and vision of the wedding.

We would not hesitate to work with Susan again in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for either solo harp or harp/cello music for any event.

Thanks Susan!
Sarah and Dan

First Look

Nicole, my cello partner, and I set up at the front of the venue with our sound system far in advance of the prelude music for the guests' seating. This is included in our services to assure our tuning and amplification level, if a system is required, is adjusted for the size of the venue.

SoDo Park with our Duo Far Right

Here are a few of the sweet, thoughtful details Sarah and Dan included in their ceremony:
For the ceremony music, Sarah and Dan chose a beautiful mix of classical selections from the French and Baroque composers along with some Celtic tunes and the theme from Braveheart.  For some sounds samples of our duo visit our Cello Duo page and scroll through the Listen widget. Afterward the ceremony, we serenaded their guests for the cocktail hour with a fabulous mix of our party music, including her special request, the "Downton Abbey" Theme.  While we were playing the matchless Michael Benson Band was setting up for the remainder of the evening...the party was just getting started!  And they are one of the best bands in Seattle to keep the party going!

I will add here that having acoustic live music is perfect for a reception like this provided there is adequate amplification. With the number of guests and the size of the venue, our music would be only faintly heard without an amp. Our amplification provides a tasteful boost so that the music is heard, but still a backdrop to the conversations and laughter.
To go truly "over the top", Dan and Sarah mastered a TANGO and danced it for their guests during the reception.  How amazing is that?  Throughout the evening they created memories, not just for themselves, but for their friends and family to recall with joy for years to come.  Truly something to celebrate!